Pharmacovigilance and reporting side effects

The purpose of pharmacovigilance is to monitor, evaluate, prevent, and manage the risks of adverse effects associated with the use of drugs and products in humans. Pharmacovigilance considers all potential or identified risks.

Monitoring through pharmacovigilance is carried out with regards to potentially serious and/or unidentified adverse effects before and after drugs or vaccines go to market.

Any adverse effects associated with the use of a vaccine or vaccine candidate, whether serious or not, expected or unexpected, must be reported.

In Canada

The adverse effects must be reported as soon as possible after the reaction. To report side effects, adverse reactions or product quality complaints to a Medicago product, please contact Medicago’s pharmacovigilance department at  or 1-800-622-6067, or you may contact Health Canada directly via Canada Vigilance Program at 1-866-234-2345.