Understanding virus-like particles (VLPs)

Medicago created a technology that uses plants as bioreactors. Virus-Like particles (VLPs) mimic the native structure of viruses, allowing them to be recognized by the immune system.

In short, VLPs mimic the structure of the virus, but they are empty. It’s like our researchers had created nutshells that do not contain any nuts.

They are designed to induce an immune response similar to a natural infection.

VLPs are designed to mimic the structure of viruses

Infectious influenza virus with a surface antigens, lipid membrane, internal proteins and genetic materials

Représentation d'un virus et d'une particule pseudo-virale PPV par Medicago

Medicago’s VLP is a non-infectious and an efficient way of presenting antigens to the immune system

VLP Hero Medicago Vaccine


Virus-like particles (VLPs) are at the heart of the technology used by Medicago in the development of vaccines. Designed to create effective protection against the virus they mimic, they can contribute to the fight against pandemics.