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Medicago: helping to protect your health

From its humble beginnings in 1999 in a garage located in a Quebec City neighbourhood, Medicago has relentlessly pursued a single goal, that of helping to protect human health by revolutionizing the development of vaccines and treatments.

With over 20 years of experience and accumulated wisdom, Medicago has now become a pioneer in the production of virus-like particles (VLPs) and plant-based vaccines.

Today, Medicago has achieved its goal of helping to protect human life through the extraordinary and unsuspected power of plants in the ongoing search for effective solutions to help improve human health.

How do vaccines work?

The way vaccines work is a fascinating process: when a person receives a vaccine for a specific disease, their body sets up a protective system against that disease. Because they stimulate the immune system, vaccines are a formidable means of preventing certain infections or diseases.

  • Vaccination consists of introducing into the body all or some of an infectious agent that is inert or has been made ineffective.
  • The immune system then recognizes that this is a foreign substance that it has to fight off.
  • It will then produce specific antibodies to eliminate the infectious agent.
  • Subsequently, if the body comes in contact with an active version of the infectious agent, it will produce the same antibodies faster than if it were a first occurrence, so that the immune system will be able to fight off the infectious agent before it invades the body.

Most vaccines require booster doses to provide long-term protection against the specific disease. However, the interval of time between booster shots varies from one vaccine to another. Other vaccines need to be updated with each successive wave of a disease, or based on the mutations of the viruses or strains that are circulating, as is the case with the seasonal flu. All vaccines are made up of a harmless version of an antigen intended to trigger an immune response against the specific disease and condition the body to defend itself.

Therapeutics to fight cancer at Medicago

Therapeutic cancer vaccines

Vaccines are now an integral part of strategies used in the prevention and treatment of certain types of cancer. The aim of therapeutic cancer vaccines is to incite the immune system to attack cancer cells already present in the body. Most therapeutic cancer vaccines are still under study in clinical trials.