R&D Medicago

Transforming the vaccine approach

With the innovative research and development of ground-breaking technologies and establishment of important scientific partnerships, Medicago’s R&D teams are succeeding in transcending the power of plants to develop vaccines.

Today, Medicago dedicates its research and development of vaccines designed to help protect humans against viruses and future pandemics, and aims to extend the scope of its vaccines beyond viral diseases.

Our vaccine production platform is also capable of producing monoclonal antibodies. We are working on developing antibodies and therapeutic proteins that can be used to develop vaccines to help fighting cancer, among other applications.

Projects under development

It is through the close collaboration of our scientists, technicians and engineers, we are developing innovative and unique vaccines and treatments to save lives. The following table provides an overview of projects currently under development.

Preclinical Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 Registration


Pandemic Flu

Seasonal Flu, Adjuvanted

Next Generation Flu vaccine

COVID-19/FLU combo vaccine