Une scientifique dans un laboratoire de Medicago

Our vision: Medicago envisions a world that is prepared to face any disease

At Medicago we aim to create and deliver the best solutions to emerging global health challenges. Medicago is an international leader in plant-based vaccine technology and envisions a world that is prepared to face any disease.

In 2020, as COVID-19 sent shockwaves across the world, paralyzing countries for months on end, the year also marked a turning point for Medicago. Sharing a common vision, our teams pooled all their energy and expertise to develop a new vaccine candidate designed to help fight against the coronavirus.

The goal to help protect human life fuels our relentless and disruptive approach to vaccine discovery and development.

Collaboration dans les laboratoires

One Mission, Five Values

Our mission is driven by the values of innovation, integrity, collaboration, adaptability, and ownership. These values reflect the spirit and culture that inspire Medicago’s people.


Through our disruptive approaches, we continue to challenge conventional methods to provide better health solutions.


Safety and quality are never compromised for the sake of progress. Business is always conducted to the highest regulatory standards, and we operate with respect for one another as well as our partners and stakeholders.


Our team works together to push the boundaries of science but also knows that external partnerships are key to overcoming new and existing challenges to human health. We welcome opportunities to bring together the brightest minds in the industry.


Like our plant-based platform, we are able to rapidly adapt to and address emerging health challenges globally.


Each role within Medicago makes a difference to the work we do; we take our responsibility for producing safe and effective therapeutics seriously.

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