Marc-André D'Aoust Medicago

A pioneer at the heart of Medicago

Dr. Marc-André D’Aoust is a Medicago pioneer. He joined the company at its inception in 1999.  Passionate about science and innovation, over the years he has developed Proficia®, the plant-based technology, the pseudo-viral particle (PPV) vaccine technology and the VLPExpress® high-throughput discovery platform.

As Executive Vice President Innovation, Development and Medical Affairs, Marc-André advances Medicago’s vision and is responsible for the discovery, development and protection of the company’s technologies. Passionate about science and unleashing the power of nature to protect public health, Marc-Andre leads a team focused on always pushing science boundaries.

He is the co-inventor of more than 700 patents and patent applications related to Medicago’s platform or products.

Marc-André studied plant biochemistry and molecular biology at Laval University, where he earned his PhD in 2000.