Ethics & transparency

At Medicago, we are committed to upholding and conducting business ethically and transparently. In alignment with our values, every employee acts with the highest integrity and accountability. We expect it from each other and those with whom we collaborate.

As members of Canada’s pharmaceutical industry association, Innovative Medicines Canada, we take to heart the Code of Ethical Practices, along with our company policies and procedures, as they are designed to foster ethical business conduct in our daily interactions with each other, our stakeholders, and the public.

Code of Conduct – Work in progress

Business conduct

We act with integrity and compliance with laws and regulations. We have zero-tolerance for any bribery or corruption be it from our employees, third parties we work with, or those that work on our behalf.

Compliance committee

Medicago’s compliance committee and compliance officer serve to oversee ethics and compliance of Medicago’s strategy and oversee the risk management plan for the company, as well as implementation of controls to mitigate risk.

Relationship with healthcare community

We believe that ethical and transparent interactions are paramount to the strength of the healthcare community. We commit to engaging with healthcare professionals on new data about our products, our plant-based technology, and clinical trials in an appropriate and accurate manner in order to improve global health.

Reporting violations

At Medicago, we encourage our employees to report any complaints or violations through a dedicated hotline. Our non-retaliation policy protects employees from fear of retaliation. All allegations, whether actual or suspected, are investigated and action taken as appropriate.

Donations and sponsorships

If you have a project which corresponds to our vision and mission, we invite you to contact us. Thank you for your interest in Medicago.


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Scientific education

Initiatives that help people develop skills and knowledge in science, immunology, or biotechnology.

Diversity and Inclusion

Innovative solutions and initiatives focused on improving the lives and well-being of different communities.

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