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  • When will Medicago’s COVID-19 vaccine be available?

    Before any vaccine can be made available for the public, its safety and efficacy must be tested in clinical trials. Medicago’s COVID-19 vaccine candidate is currently going through clinical trials and upon completion will undergo regulatory review by Health Canada in late 2021.

    To keep yourself up to date visit our news release page.

  • Can I volunteer to participate in the clinical trials of Medicago’s COVID-19 vaccine candidate?

    The participation of volunteers in clinical trials is critical to medical research, and Medicago is grateful to those who have stepped forward to advance COVID-19 vaccine development to help create a safer future for all. Medicago has terminated enrolment of COVID-19 study volunteers. Your health is our priority. Meanwhile, if a vaccination campaign for other vaccines is offered, we advise you to participate and protect yourself against COVID-19.

  • How many vaccine doses is Medicago able to produce?

    The current manufacturing capacity would allow Medicago to produce pandemic doses to deliver our commitment to the Government of Canada.

    We are in the process of constructing a manufacturing plant in Quebec City, scheduled to be complete in 2024. This will increase Medicago’s capacity to produce vaccines to more than one billion pandemic doses per year.

  • How many vaccine candidates does Medicago currently have in development?

    Medicago currently has four vaccine candidates in clinical development.

    Check out our R&D program for more information on these four vaccine candidates.

  • How do I report an adverse event after using a Medicago product?

    Patient safety is Medicago’s priority. We take all information related to our medicines in development seriously. We have a legal and ethical duty to follow up any reports of adverse events associated with our medicines or vaccines, which in turn assists us with the monitoring of their safety profiles. If you believe you have experienced an adverse event when using one of our products, please contact us to report a possible side effect by calling 1-800-622-6067. Reports can be made directly to Health Canada as well through the Canada Vigilance Program at 1-866-234-2345. In the US, reports can be made directly by using the MedWatch Online Voluntary Reporting Form.

About Medicago

  • How does Medicago’s vaccine production technology differ from traditional vaccine development?

    Medicago created a plant-based technology that uses plants as bioreactors to produce non-infectious structures of viruses resembling viruses called virus-like particles (VLP).

    VLPs mimic the natural structure of viruses, allowing them to be recognized by the immune system. However, they lack basic genetic material, which makes them non-infectious and incapable of reproducing.

  • Is Medicago a publicly traded company?

    No, Medicago is not publicly traded. It has been privately held since 2013. If you want to learn more about Medicago, follow our journey from the start by watching this video.

Grants and Giving

  • What about donations and sponsorships?

    Medicago is committed to supporting causes that matter to our employees, our partners, and our communities. Giving back is deeply embedded in Medicago’s culture and is closely aligned with our business purpose. By supporting services, programs and groups that help improve people’s lives, we aim to have a positive impact in our communities.

     Donations and Sponsorships Eligibility

    • Canadian and US registered charities or non-profit organizations that use the funds within their country
    • Organizations with audited financial statements, sound financial practices, and a sustainable funding model
    • Projects or programs that are aligned to one of our three focus areas:

    Health: organizations that deliver research, diagnosis, treatment and wellness for infectious diseases

    Diversity and Inclusion: innovative solutions and initiatives focused on improving different communities’ life and well being

    Scientific education: initiatives that help people develop the skills and knowledge in science, immunology or biotechnology

    If you have a project which corresponds to our vision and mission, we invite you to contact us. Thank you for your interest in Medicago.


  • What career opportunities exist at Medicago?

    At Medicago, we are united in a common purpose and vision to help create a world better prepared to deal with any disease. Explore opportunities to join #TeamMedicago.

Technical Issues

  • How do I report a problem with the website?

    To report a problem with our website, Contact Us.