Thank you for visiting Medicago’s social media channels. As a company, our purpose is to create and deliver effective responses to emerging global health challenges. Social media allows us to engage with our communities on this important topic, and to participate in a broader dialogue online about public health. We also use social media to provide information in a timely and transparent manner.

We invite you to participate in the conversation. However, at times we may need to remove posts, videos, comments, photos or graphics that don’t adhere to our standards or to the regulations of our industry. This specifically applies to any content that:

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  • Discloses adverse events to medicines (While these may or may not be removed, they will be followed up on by the company. See additional notes below regarding adverse and suspected adverse events)
  • Is advertising or referencing another product or service

Please note that we may come across a situation not outlined above that will require the removal of your comment. Please know that Medicago reserves the right to delete any comment at its sole discretion. If you feel your comment has been unfairly removed, please contact us.

Information about medicines and medical treatment

As a pharmaceutical company, we are not able to advise individual patients about their medical condition and treatment. It is very important that patients are advised by a health professional with knowledge of a patient’s medical and treatment history.

Suspected adverse events

Patient safety is Medicago’s priority. We take all information related to our medicines in development seriously. We have a legal and ethical duty to follow up any reports of adverse events associated with our medicines or vaccines, which in turn assists us with the monitoring of their safety profiles. If you believe you have experienced an adverse event when using one of our products, please contact us to report a possible side effect by calling 1-888-622-6067 (CAN only) or Or if you prefer, you may contact Health Canada directly through the Canada Vigilance Program at 1-866-234-2345. Non-Canadian visitor?: ask your health professional for more information or contact your local health authority.


It should be noted that Medicago ensures that all information published on its website and Social Media is systematically in French and English.