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Biology was something that interested me as a teenager. From watching our bodies rejuvenate broken skin, to plants converting sunlight to food, I was fascinated by the processes of the world around me.

However, a few years ago, I had an accident that shattered my leg. I was off work for nearly two years, which was difficult. When I was ready to reenter the workforce, I found myself at Habitat for Humanity, a global non-profit that helps people turn a house into a home.

I absolutely loved it. I found the work to be rewarding and appreciated the opportunity to give back to my community. But I had been thinking about the BioWorks Certification for process technicians that I completed four years prior and how I could tap into my passion for science.

My passion for science

It was then I came across a role, Manufacturing Operator, with Medicago and I applied and got it. This was the start of something new. While the role was only temporary at the time, I was determined, ambitious and saw that Medicago was an employer that nurtured and recognized talent.

And after only five months, I was offered a permanent position to join #TeamMedicago!

My life has been transformed by Medicago. It has been more than just a job for me. Since I walked in the door, there has been a warm, family atmosphere. I have been greeted with huge amounts of positivity, respect, and opportunities for growth. This is a career that is not only helping me feed my beautiful family, but also making me feel excited and fulfilled every day. I am hugely grateful!

What puts the Me in Medicago: Shawn  2