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What brings you at Medicago?

I have been working at Medicago for a little over 4 years. I originally came on board because I was interested in a job in the Biotech field. I went to school for Sustainable Agriculture, and I was interested in working at a greenhouse in Research Triangle Park, however most of the jobs in greenhouses involved testing pesticides on plants and insects which was not quite in line with my principles. I was very interested in Medicago initially because I learned that their Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program strictly prohibited the use of pesticides.

What do you consider to be the qualities of a good manufacturing technician?

What I have found that has really helped me excel has been patience and being meticulous. These traits apply particularly in the realm of Good Documentation Practices (GDP); being able to observe carefully and identify specifics of the procedure or being able to identify errors or items that were missed in the scope of a procedure. My job currently involves coordinating controlled document flow for the Greenhouse and having the patience and observant nature to identify gaps in procedures, corrections that need to be made or being able to innovate and identify ideas that need updating.

You are a digital artist. Do you see a link between your job and your art?

I have always had art in my life. Whether it is creating or enjoying the art of others; it is very important for me. I feel like creating art can make you very observant and exercises your intention. I believe creating any kind of art solidifies the connection of intention to action in your mind.

Kevin Walsh Medicago

I take a very controlled approach to my art, and I know when it doesn’t look correct or when it is incomplete, and I have been able to implement that (probably without my own awareness) in my work life. Observing, critiquing or even enjoying art exercises your critical thinking and your ability to articulate why something is bad, why it is good, what it makes you think, why it doesn’t look right, etc. Mindfulness is important for your life and people who are mindful do good work!

You have studied German and now are studying Spanish. Why do you enjoy these challenges?

I studied German for a little over a year prior to a trip to Germany. English is a Germanic language, and I really, really love exploring the history of languages and seeing the connections that paint a fuller picture. Learning German, you can see a lot of English’s evolutionary history along the way.

I have always loved learning languages, and I will often try something to see what the challenge is like. When I was 19, I studied Russian and I’ve tried other Germanic languages, but I am currently fully committed to studying Spanish, which is a bit more practical for everyday life as well as connecting with co-workers! It is like exercise, in that you do not see results rapidly, but one day you look back and see how far you have come. In my opinion, it is one of the best ways to invest your time. I think it is very important to have a hobby that builds and keeps your mind engaged and growing.

Medicago’s mission is driven by 5 values. Do you think these values inspire you?

I think these values do reflect on me. Collaboration and adaptability are important parts of my job. I think I have a good aptitude for working effectively with others and I do like that, at Medicago, I am entrusted to take ownership of tasks and apply my own methodology, workflow and pace to my work. Having the freedom to complete objectives in a way that is intuitive to the individual is very important and allows me to remain flexible, helping out in a variety of areas.