To say that Chuck Blatchley is enthusiastic would be an understatement in describing how passionate he is about his work at Medicago.

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Prior to joining Medicago, Durham, NC in February of 2022, Chuck Blatchley was fortunate to work in various diverse roles, companies, and sectors. When Chuck left high school, his plan was to go to a large university, continue his aspirations in track and field, and decide on a long-term study and career path. Instead, he experienced the oceans of the world! “As it happens, my dad convinced me to enter a military academy for college and study marine engineering. Talk about a big difference!

I received my degree in marine engineering and upon graduation, I sailed on large merchant ships across the world, ultimately as the Chief Engineer on Exxon’s largest oil tankers.” This unique experience taught Chuck how to prioritize discipline and hard work, while his role pushed him to test his creativity in solving, sometimes life-or-death problems, with very limited support.

After 15 years of sailing, Chuck made the decision to transition to pharmaceutical engineering, finding a new purpose and passion which continues to this day. While the ocean will always remain his happy place, this career change allowed him to spend more time at home to help raise his family along with his wife, Megan. “Most recently, I spent some wonderful years growing a local biotech company,” he explained, “and after 25 years, I began looking towards doing something different and possibly more challenging. That is where Medicago came in. I heard a lot of great things about the company and its  employees and was excited by the work the team was doing, so I decided to step outside of my comfort zone and make the change.” Today, Chuck brings his many decades of invaluable expertise and skills to his new team and role at Medicago.

When asked about what skills and qualities lead to his success, Chuck said, “I need to be a quiet leader, customer focused, and plan with good foresight. I need to think beyond what is currently possible which means when given the opportunity, to innovate and resolve problems.”

Chuck Blatchley, Senior Director, Engineering

Alongside his work, Chuck has been an active participant in his community. Giving back has helped him to maintain a positive perspective at work. “Currently, I serve on the Board of Directors of Habitat for Humanity of Wake County where we build houses for those in need through donations and volunteers. It is an amazing organization, and I am honoured to be a small part of helping deserving families become homeowners.”

Chuck’s personal values are driven by growing up on a family farm, living in a disciplined military setting, and working all over the world under sometimes extreme circumstances within many different cultures. “Teamwork, customer service, discipline, and most important, positivity are the values I carry with me every day. While the words may be different, the underlying values align with those of Medicago. Our corporate values reflect those of my personal life, which is what I bring to work each day.  It allows me to see “Me” in Medicago.”