what puts the me in medicago logo

What brings you to Medicago?

I started working at Medicago in April of 2022. I gained a love for pharmaceutical and biotech companies early on immediately after college when what was supposed to be a summer assignment turned into 15-plus years later. The way they change lives, their innovative approach to breakthrough technology, and their commitment to enhancing community safety are all the reasons that brought me to Medicago.

What makes you wish to work in Talent Acquisition area?

The qualities of people working in Talent Acquisition I must say are individuals who thrive in building relationships, possess good communication skills, have active listening skills, and have the ability to plan for the future. I have always enjoyed meeting new people, learning about their background and interests, their passion for life, and what they want to be when they grow up so of speak.

Do you think Medicago’s values reflect your spirit and do they inspire you? 

Medicago’s values of innovation, integrity, collaboration, adaptability, and ownership represent the core essence of who I am and the qualities I hold dear to my heart. These are the same qualities that drive me to be different, adaptive, and open to diverse backgrounds all while holding on to my integrity and owning the person I am.


On a more personal field, do you have a role model? 

My role model(s) are unquestionably my mom and dad. Losing both of my parents in 2021 highlighted to me the importance of a good role model and the legacy and impact on the people they made or leave behind. My parents’ drive, hard work, independence, and the way they always remain true to themselves regardless of any social or economic status are what I loved and admired about them. Two very nice individuals with very simple and humble backgrounds are what I will always cherish and remain very dear to me.

My mom would often recite one of her favorite quotes to me “it’s nice to be important, but it’s important to be nice”. I continue to live by this today.

Is there something that you do that has an impact on who you are?

I am a giver by nature. Whether I am volunteering at a local church, hosting an interviewing workshop at a community college, helping a friend write his/her resume, or tutoring at the boys and girls club, I’m all in.

When they say it takes a village to raise a family, may I also add it takes commitment, dedication, and caring individuals to help the village thrive.