For the past three years, at the beginning of December, Medicago employees have been involved in the community to offer Christmas baskets to families in need. And each year, the generosity of their colleagues grows. 2021 is no exception, and with Christmas just a few days away, Lucie, Carolina, Virginia and Johannie have their arms full of food and gifts for four families in the Quebec City area.

Families who need our help

“For this operation, I contacted Sister Françoise at Entraide St-Roch around November”, explains Lucie Poulin, Process Development Scientist. She selects families who need our help. “I then call each family to learn a little more about their history and their needs.” From the start, her colleagues Carolina Alain, Biomass Production Operator III and Virginia Lee Keith, Quality Control Analyst III, offered to help with the activity. Johannie Ducharme, Process Development Research Associate III, accompanies Lucie for the distribution of the baskets a few days before Christmas.

If they chose to get involved, it is because they feel they are making a difference in the lives of the families they support. “When we deliver the baskets, we see how grateful they are,” says Lucie. “Many of them have tears in their eyes.” According to them, introducing families to Medicago’s teams allows for the creation of a real bond and increases the feeling of really helping.

Influx of donation

“Sometimes people have special needs that we try to fill, such as coats, clothes or small gifts for their child,” explains Lucie. “The first year, one of our employees gave a snowsuit for one of the families. When we arrived, the little girl asked if it was for her. When I told her it was, she jumped up and down with the bag in her arms. To her, it was a wonderful gift.”

Last year, another family wrote to Lucie after the holidays to say how valuable the help had been as they went through a difficult time. “The following year, she didn’t need the Christmas baskets anymore. That’s why I get involved, and also to help everyone have a happy holiday season.”

After a slow start this year, the campaign has been seeing an influx of donations in the last few days. Lucie, Carolina, Virginia and Johannie think they will be able to match last year’s donations. “And maybe even more, because we are great people at Medicago with very generous persons. Without them, all this wouldn’t be possible.”