At Medicago, we are united by a common vision: to help create a world better prepared to deal with any disease. It is this rewarding, collaborative culture that inspires and motivates #TeamMedicago. For this series, we’ve asked some of our people to share what their role within Medicago means to them.

Episode 1

In this first episode, please meet Jacquelyn, who has been working at Medicago since 2018 as an Analytical Chemistry Senior Scientist. Jacquelyn shares how Medicago’s supportive company culture was evident from the very beginning, starting during the interview.

Episode 2

In this second episode, Jonas discusses the family-feel at Medicago. Jonas has been working at Medicago since 2009 as an Industrial Process Technician. Even as Medicago grows and expands, employees at Medicago remain collaborative and supportive.

Episode 3

In this third episode, please meet Christelle, our Quality Control Technician since 2018. A first professional job can be scary, but here at Medicago, we prioritize supporting our employees and make them feel included and welcomed. Hear more from Christelle.

Episode 4

In this fourth episode, Alejandro, an Analytic Immunology Scientist since 2020, talks about feeling rewarded from working on a team at Medicago. Medicago strives to uphold a work environment where employees feel enthusiastic and satisfied about their work.

Episode 5 

In this fifth episode, please meet Marc, Medicago’s QC Biochemistry Manager since 2007. Marc talks about what he loves most about his career at Medicago, which is his team. Being part of a team that’s driven and is always willing to move forward motivates his work at Medicago.