Around here, gold is green and grows before our very eyes! We keep a close watch on the Nicotiana Benthamiana seedlings growing in Medicago’s Quebec City and Durham greenhouses. Caring for them is a little like caring for a big family you can’t be away from for long. That’s why we have so many people here taking turns at their bedside.

Each of these little guys is precious and wants for absolutely nothing. They need daily pampering—and that’s just what we give them. In doing so, we ensure they produce the virus-like particles that become the active ingredient in our products. Each individual plant needs the same care, but when you have thousands of plants to tend to, it takes a lot of work to provide them all with the proper dose of water and food for optimal growth.

It’s often said you can know somebody by the plants they grow. In the greenhouses where our little green pals grow up, you’ll find a bright, dedicated, and hard-working team of curious, conscientious, and funny people. Staying healthy and balanced is important to them.

One for all! All for one! Medicago

As if caring for plants all week at work wasn’t enough, most of them stick close to the plant kingdom on their days off as well, growing their own food, getting involved in community gardens or working on the family farm. Others while away the hours with landscaping projects great and small. We also have the good fortune to have beekeepers in our midst who share their summer honey, as well as food processing and fermentation buffs.

Painting created by the Medicago greenhouse team in Quebec City.

Solidarity & Harmony

You’ll hear lots of talk about plants, insects, flowers, good vegetables, and good eats, plus ways to protect the environment, our health, and the health of our children. We also swap tips about great places to camp and spend time with the family, or about spectacular hiking destinations. Many of us are involved in creative arts that call for a high degree of manual dexterity. Others are into tennis, dance, or yoga—there are even some high-level athletes in the group. Conversations about travel, culture, art exhibits, and books are sure to get everyone going. The sense of harmony and fellowship among team members is palpable and contributes to a positive and exciting work environment.

To top it all off, the greenhouse is the perfect place to watch the environment change with the seasons, even day-to-day,  In the mornings and evenings, the greenhouse is calm and peaceful, with its own special colours and smells. Things come to life as the day goes on with all the tasks being performed and all the measures in place to ensure ideal growing conditions for the plants.

It all undoubtedly contributes to our ability to work together so well. Because in the end, watching plants grow is an opportunity to marvel each day—at a seed that peeks out from the soil, or a leaf that opens and gradually goes from the pale green of springtime to the deep green of midsummer.