At Medicago, success is about more than good science, it’s about good people.

Think about your favourite sports team; it’s usually successful because of the diversity of high-calibre players working together to achieve a goal. Each member has a unique set of skills that they use to the advantage of the whole team to ensure that they are maximizing their potential.

That’s how we think about our team at Medicago; our brilliant people are the bedrock of our success. They are irresistibly curious and dedicated to discovery. They challenge each other to think creatively to find solutions to protect public health.

At Medicago, we believe in innovation, integrity, collaboration, adaptability and ownership; each role within Medicago makes a difference to the work we do. Since our inception in 1997, we have kept growing and we’re now a biopharmaceutical company boasting more than 500 people. Not only do we have scientists, data analysists, operations specialists, quality assurance teams and those in legal and regulatory affairs, but we also have botanists, and more. We’re a diverse team in more ways than one, and women make up more than half of our workforce.

As we continue to make strides towards our common goal of using plants to help protect the world from future infectious diseases, I’d like to thank our agile and talented team for their hard work and look forward to welcoming more talent to #TeamMedicago. If you’re interested in joining our team, you can check out the current opportunities here.