At Medicago, our mission is to help protect public health by delivering global health solutions. We are proud of our team members efforts, each with unique experiences and perspectives. It is because of our team’s rich backgrounds that our work is strengthened, and we are always moving forward to reach our goals.

Promoting diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging alone is not enough. We bring this into our daily lives at Medicago by encouraging our team to be present, to be open and to be themselves. This in part also requires our team to take on the individual responsibility to create safe and welcoming spaces where this type of exploration and sharing can happen.

Last February we reflected on Black History Month, a time to honour Black Canadians and Americans and their communities. Scientific discovery and innovation depend on the invaluable contributions of Black scientists, innovators and researchers who have made advancements in the field of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM), such as prominent historical figures like Alice Ball, the creator of the first effective treatment for leprosy; Percy Lavon, the first researcher to synthesize medical compounds from plants, Sophia B. Jones, a public health advocate and many more.

Integrity is a central component of our approach and values at Medicago, where our commitment to safety and quality is never compromised. Not only do we reflect on our own company policies and procedures, but as a member of Innovative Medicines Canada, we also take the Code of Ethical Practices to heart.

As we continue our journey towards diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging, we encourage our team to reflect on the conscious and unconscious bias, privilege, and what it truly means to promote a diverse environment at work, and we will continue to work together to always inspire one another to be better.