Medicago Technologies

Medicago has developed three proprietary technologies for the development of vaccines: virus-like particles (VLPs), the VLPExpress™ platform and plant-based Proficia™ technology.


VLPExpress™ is a proprietary, high-throughput development platform that accelerates the discovery of new vaccines by allowing the rapid expression, purification and testing of candidate VLPs. The VLPExpress™ platform can identify the best VLP-based antigen surface presentations for a disease-causing agent in less than 10 weeks.

  • Medicago uses a scaled-down transient technology which offers a rapid and low-cost production system with the capacity to accelerate development of new vaccines.
  • In addition, the use of VLPs for antigen surface display allows for the full exploitation of the immunogenic potential of the best antigens.
  • Medicago researchers use the VLPExpress™ platform to express numerous target proteins of a pathogen and to build a library containing a range of VLPs in a short timeframe. The best targets are then characterized, produced and purified.

Medicago uses its proprietary VLPExpress™ platform to rapidly screen antigen variants for their potential to trigger appropriate immune responses, thus conferring protection.