Quebec City Headquarters

Medicago’s Head Office is based in Quebec City, Canada, where research, product development, process development, and management functions are the primary functions.

Medicago owns in Quebec City a 2300m² cGMP pilot production facility, used to prepare material for clinical studies. It includes a 1300m² Green House that meets strict confinement standards as well as an extraction/purification unit.

Medicago has initiated the expansion of this site in July 2016, and expects to complete it by November 2016. This expansion will increase Medicago’s support capability in case of emerging diseases and for future projects such as pandemic flu, new vaccines, Monoclonal antibodies and other therapeutic proteins.

In May 2015, Medicago announced its new production complex in Quebec City. It will regroup Medicago’s head office, research and development activities, and commercial production plant. It will have the capacity to deliver up to 40 to 50 million doses of quadrivalent seasonal flu vaccines. In addition, work towards developing new products will take place over the upcoming years