Medicago Technologies

Medicago has developed three proprietary technologies for the development of vaccines: virus-like particles (VLPs), the VLPExpress™ platform and plant-based Proficia™ technology.


Medicago has developed the Proficia™ technology, a proprietary alternative to current  egg-based and cell production systems. With living plants as hosts, Proficia™ technology uses transient protein expression in plant leaves to create a flexible, high-yield system for producing effective vaccines and antibodies.

  • Rapid production of vaccines and therapeutic antibodies is critical in order to respond effectively to outbreaks such as pandemic influenza. 
  • Once the genetic sequence from a pandemic or seasonal influenza strain has been isolated, vaccine production can usually be started within just a few weeks rather than months.

Proficia™ is a robust vaccine and antibody production system based on transient protein expression in plant leaves.