Bruce Clark

President and Chief Executive Officer

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Dr. Bruce Clark joined Medicago as CEO in March 2017. Since 2013, Dr. Clark served as a member of Medicago’s board of Directors where he acquired a deep understanding of the company thus ensuring continuity of the corporate strategy and objectives. He brings with him a broad experience in the management of commercial operations, regulatory and quality having brought new products to market on the international scene. He spent many years as the head of regulatory and scientific affairs in companies such as Apotex Canada, Sanofi Synthelabo Canada, GSK, Medexus inc. and most recently as Vice President of Regulatory and Scientific Affairs of Philip Morris International based in Switzerland. He has been extensively involved with both European and US Generic pharmaceutical associations on the issue of biosimilars and complex therapeutics and has represented the industry in dialogue with political decision-makers as well as regulatory authorities at both National and State levels. Co-author of the biosimilar handbook published by the EGA and co-author of the Canadian handbook on Second Entry Biologics published by the Canadian Generic Pharmaceutical Association. He completed his studies in molecular biology and biochemistry at the University of Toronto where he received his PhD in 1997.

We demonstrated the versatility of our plant-based platform in the development of both vaccines and antibodies. With the initiation of our global phase III program for a quadrivalent seasonal flu vaccine, the commercial potential of our technology is quickly being realized. We also have completed clinical trials on a vaccine targeting pandemic influenza strains and we are confident that the platform will continue to provide new solutions for the rapid production of vaccines and other therapeutic proteins for emerging diseases and biothreats.

Mike Wanner

Chief Financial Officer and U.S. Site Manager

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Mr. Wanner is Medicago's Chief Financial Officer and U.S. Site Manager, and is responsible for developing the financial strategies of the company, for accurate financial reporting and for corporate governance.  He also serves as site manager for the RTP North Carolina commercial production facility. He was previously President and CEO of Abeome, a biotechnology company developing therapeutic and diagnostic monoclonal antibodies. Mr. Wanner served for over 11 years as CFO for Merial and Rhône Mérieux, Inc. (RMI), one of the world's leading animal health companies, where he was involved in the construction and management of a large-scale vaccine production facility in the U.S.

“Medicago’s culture is centred on innovation and quality in a uniquely entrepreneurial environment. We deliver key projects successfully thanks to our team spirit.”

Michael Schunk

DVM, DVSc, Executive Vice-President, Operations

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Dr. Michael Schunk has 20 years of experience in the vaccine industry. Dr. Schunk was Vice-President of Quality at Medicago before taking his current role. He led manufacturing at Sanofi Pasteur, where he was responsible for both viral and bacterial vaccine manufacturing operations in multiple facilities on a large manufacturing and R&D (Research & Development) site in Toronto. He also held a number of other leadership positions at Sanofi Pasteur, including Senior Director, Quality Control at the Marcy L'Etoile site in France. His DVM (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine) and DVSc (Doctorate of Veterinary Science) in pathology are both from the University of Guelph.

“Medicago combines recently emerged technologies with existing biologics development know-how and creates new and better products. It is a company of innovative, dedicated individuals who know how to take new technologies, combine them with agricultural and manufacturing expertise and make it all work.”

Nathalie Landry

Executive Vice-President, Product Development

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Ms. Landry oversees a multidisciplinary team in charge of preclinical and clinical studies, development of analytical methods and product characterization. Her group has conducted several clinical trials in the United States and Canada evaluating both pandemic and seasonal plant-made Influenza Virus-Like Particle (VLP) vaccine candidates. She is also actively involved in identifying and demonstrating the competitive advantages of plant-made products.  She represents the company at numerous international conferences and meetings and is co-author of several scientific publications and patents. She joined Medicago in 2000 as Director of Strategic Development, managing business development activities as well as intellectual property. In 2004, she became Senior Director of Product Development, managing the multidisciplinary team producing various recombinant proteins in plants, was named Vice-President in 2007, and was named Executive Vice-President in 2016.

Prior to joining Medicago she worked for a start-up biotech company developing and producing anticancer compounds, holding various positions such as scientist, intellectual property manager and director of operations.  She has more than 20 years of experience in the biotech industry. Ms. Landry earned a Master’s in microbiology-immunology in 1989 and an MBA in 1997, both from Laval University.

“I am very proud of being part of this exciting project for more than 15 years now! Bringing these new and innovative products to late-stage clinical development has been a long journey, and thanks to our highly talented and dedicated team we will make these highly effective products available to the people very soon!”

Marc-André D'Aoust

PhD, Vice-President, Research & Innovation

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Dr. D’Aoust joined Medicago in July 1999 as Team Leader, Research and Development. He was successively Project Leader, Product Development, and Director, Research and Innovation, prior to his appointment as Vice-President, Research and Innovation. He was closely involved in development of the Medicago technological platform as well as the capacity to produce virus-like particles and bio- therapeutics in alfalfa and Nicotiana benthamiana. He is co-inventor on more than 330 patents or patent applications related to the technological platform or the company’s products. Mr. D’Aoust holds a bachelor’s degree in biology and a PhD in plant biochemistry and molecular biology.

“The more we work with this technological platform, the more we realize the tremendous capacity it offers to discover, develop and produce efficacious vaccines and therapeutic proteins.”

Todd Talarico

PhD, Vice-President, Process Development

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Dr. Talarico was responsible for overseeing the design-build project which resulted in the North Carolina Medicago production facility. Todd directed the technical transfer and production of 10 million pandemic influenza doses in 30 days once the facility construction was completed. In addition, he has been responsible for ensuring that new products such as the anti-Ebola mAb are developed and produced at Medicago. Previously, Todd spent over eight years as Senior Director of Development for AlphaVax, where he was responsible for scale-up and purification processes to support manufacturing operations, including characterization activities for virus and process intermediates. Prior to AlphaVax, he was Director of Product Development for Apex Bioscience. He received his PhD in Microbiology from North Carolina State University and holds a BSc in Chemical Engineering from Penn State.

“It is stimulating to be in a dynamic environment bringing a new biopharmaceutical production technology to commercialization, so as to make a positive impact on human health ― especially when being able to work with some of the most enthusiastic people with the brightest minds in the industry.”

Yatika Kohli

PhD, Vice-President, Regulatory Affairs

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Dr. Yatika Kohli is an accomplished Senior Regulatory Professional, with 13 years of hands-on experience leading the regulatory development and project teams in the fast-paced and high-growth environment of the Canadian offices of global biopharma companies.

Dr. Kohli has expertise in developing regulatory and clinical strategy with project management of brand biologic and biosimilar products across multiple therapeutic areas and technical initiatives. Dr. Kohli has worked with regulatory authorities around the world, and has a proven track record in the registration and launch of two blockbuster vaccines for Sanofi Pasteur in the U.S.A. and the first biosimilar product for Apotex in Europe.

Dr. Kohli received her PhD in Population Genetics and Molecular Biology from the University of Toronto in 1997, and is the EMBA 2016 candidate at the Richard Ivey School of Business, strengthening her leadership and management acumen.

“Innovation with a difference on what matters”

Jean-Luc Martre

Vice-President Business Development, Sales, Marketing & Strategic Planning

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Jean-Luc Martre has over 30 years of commercial experience in the pharmaceutical industry in sales, customer services, marketing, business Development and communications. Before joining Medicago he acquired his experience in specialty pharma, OTC, nutraceuticals and vaccines. He contributed to successfully launch a dozen of products in a wide spectrum of medical specialties. His management experience includes the implementation of a nationwide customer services and distribution, sales force and contract management team at national and international level.

Medicago’s innovative and strategic platform give the word “prevention” a new dimension, both at an individual level as well as at a national and international level.”